Daisy (Short) Composer Director, Marc Jackson
American Cliche Composer/Sound Design/Foley Director, Benjamin Davis
E Jardinero (Short Foreign) Composer/Sound Design Director, Joe Henriquez
A Savior Red Composer Director, Brian Scott Hunt
Counting Backwards Composer Director, Aprill Winney
Watch The Skies (Short) Composer Director, Benjamin Davis
The David Dance Composer Director, Aprill Winney
Slice (Short) Composer/Custom Songwriting Director, Carmen Milito
Kidney Thieves (Short) Composer Director, Toby Wilkins
It Happens at the Coffee Bean Composer/Sound Design Director, Jennifer Li Jackson
Alpha Mail (Short) Music Supervisor Director, Bryan Sipes
Laffit: All About Winning Composer, Additional Music/Music Supervisor Director, Jim Wilson
Untitled: A Love Story Additional Songs Director, Alex Baack
Get Your Stuff Additional Songs Director, Max Mitchell


CMA Country Christmas Special (2012) Songwriter “Naughty Would Be Nice for Christmas” ABC Television/Jennifer Nettles
Tourgasm on HBO Composer, Additional Music/Music Supervisor HBO
Six Feet Under: In Memoriam Composer, Additional Music HBO
The Next Best Thing: Who Is the Greatest Celebrity Impersonator? Composer, Additional Music Cues ABC Television
Behind the Music/New Kids on the Block Composer/Additional music VH1
Life Goes On Main Title-replacement theme for home video release Warner Bros.
Battlestar Galactica: The Lowdown Composer, Additional Music SciFi Channel
Hotspot: The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Composer/Theme Song E!Television/John Long
Check This Kid Out Composer Theme Song/Composer Disney Channel
HBO First Look: Over The Hedge Composer, Additional Music HBO
Devil’s Trade Music Supervisor Toby Wilkins E.P. Sam Raimi
Home Rules (Series) Composer Main Title/Additional Music HGTV/Leopard Productions
Behind the Stargate: Secrets Revealed Composer, Additional Music SciFi Channel
U.S. of ANT Composer Theme Song/Additional Composer Logo

Movie Marketing (trailers and tv spots)

Hangover III (TV Spots) Music cue and sound design Warner Bros.
The Killing (Promos) Composer and sound design Netflix
The Truth About Emanuel (Trailer) Custom music and sound design Myriad Films
The Lego Movie (Trailer Comic-Con) Sound Design Warner Bros.
World War Z (TV Spots) Sound Design Paramount Pictures
Turbo (TV Spots) Sound Design DreamWorks
The Strangers (Yellow Band Teaser Trailer) Singer/song producer “If I Didn’t Care”/Sound Design Focus Features/Rogue
One Missed Call (Trailer) Custom music Warner Bros.
One Missed Call (TV) Custom music Warner Bros.
Beowulf (Int. Trailer) Custom music Paramount
Harold and Kumar 2 (Teaser Trailer) Custom music New Line Cinema
Transporter 3 (Trailer) Custom music Lionsgate
Henry Poole is Here (Trailer) Composer Overture Films
Smart People (Trailer) Custom music Miramax Films
Fred Clause (TV) Rewrite “Hallelujah Chorus”/Performed all vocals Warner Bros.
Martha Marcy May Marlene (Trailer and TV) Sound Design Fox Searchlight
The Adjustment Bureau – (TV) Sound Design NBC/Universal
Sanctum (TV) Sound Design NBC/Universal
My Soul To Take (TV Spots) Sound Design NBC Universal
Devil (TV Spots) Sound Design NBC Universal
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (Trailer) Sound Design Screen Gems/Lakeshore
Journey To the Center of the Earth 3D (Trailer) Sound Design New Line Cinema
Enchanted (Trailer) Sound Design Disney
The Golden Compass (TV) Sound Design New Line Cinema
Michael Clayton (Teaser) Sound Design Warner Bros.
Feel the Noise (Trailer) Sound Design TriStar
Revelations (TV) Music Cue NBC Enterprises
V for Vendetta (Spanish Television) Music Cue Warner Bros.
Van Helsing (Regal Trailer) Music Cue Universal Pictures

Live Theater

dirty mean tricks Band leader-Velvet Monkey-Composer Director/Choreographer-Jennifer Li
Suffragette Koans Composer/Sound Design Direcor, Joyce Piven/Writer, Linda Carson
Behind The Earth/Dance-Music Theater Workshop Co-Author/Composer Director, Jennifer Li
365 Plays “Cuckoo” Composer/Guitarist Director, Jennifer Li Writer, Suzan-Lori Parks
Sweetest Tongue, Sharpest Tooth Composer Writer/Directer Jennifer Li
99 cent Only Show/Season 4/Pageant of the 4 Seasons Composer Director, Ken Roht

Music Business

The Doyle Brothers Songwriter/Artist Development Scott Patton/Groundlift Music
James Patrick Morgan – EP Co-Songwriter Scott Patton/Groundlift Music
Roger Daltrey and the British Rock Symphony Guitarist/Vocalist Keith Levenson
HBO’s Tourgasm Soundtrack Executive Producer Play-tone/Rhino Records
Supersymmetric – Artist Sole Creator – Performer MoonLab Music
My Rich Friends – Band Sole Creator and Performer Play-tone/Rhino Records
Zambooka Album Release Vocalist/Arranger BMG Records


The Killing (Promos) Composer/Sound Design Netflix


BLUE by My Rich Friends Director/music video Moonlab Films/Gen11 Studios
Everything You Wanted by My Rich Friends Co-Director/music video Moonlab Films/Gen11 Studios